Last Post

It’s all over but the grading for me and my mind’s elsewhere. I’m doing a 103 and a 153 next quarter and have started work on those. Most of the blogging for the 148 classes now ending was in VME.

I’d like to thank my life-support system, Madonn’. Thanks for letting me hang on. Also all my students and anyone who commented here or even ever seriously considered it. Without you, no blog.

The world of mathblogs is expanding vigorously at all levels. It’s a great time to be alive.


2 Responses to “Last Post”

  1. brutus12 Says:

    Well my man it’s been a great quarter and I am finally done studying. The only thing left is sleeping and the 8a.m. final. With a lot of luck I’ll be done with Math 148 and moving onto 135. Thank you for a great quarter!! Keep up the blogs, they freakin’ ROCK!!!

  2. vlorbik Says:

    it was great working with you.
    your curiosity and diligence will continue
    to serve you well as you continue in mathematics.

    thanks for the kind words on the blogs;
    it means a lot to me.

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