More Review

I posted some remarks during the review for Exam II (about rational functions and inverse functions) in the old blog. Then there’s this post about the “simplest” Rational Function, some discussion of the Factor Theorem, the review problems of 1/30, and a summary of Transformations.

“Quadratic Formula Lore” was one of my most popular posts. I don’t know whether my decision about Transformation notation counts as “review” (since these notations are “unofficial” for the course and won’t Be On The Test). I made up some hints about using the net and the library. Near the beginning, before I hit my stride, I posted this short rant about defining “relation”.

Let the record show that this was a very productive quarter for me (and that I’m proud of it). What the hell, I’m feeling generous… let the record even show that I had the time of my life doing it.

Posting about the Final will cease by Monday at 8:00 AM (so everybody gets the same info from here). Go do some math problems.


2 Responses to “More Review”

  1. brutus12 Says:

    just doing some reviewing and could not help but post a comment from the new (to me) MacBook Air 🙂

  2. vlorbik Says:

    cool beans. “air”, eh?
    i don’t think mine’s got a nickname like that!
    (anyhow, the first webpage i turned to just calls it
    the “13 inch aluminum” model or something like that).

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